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We work with companies and organizations to develop training and learning solutions via channels most appropriate for the target user.

As well as architecting and developing courses, we provide consultancy and needs analysis services to help you better understand the nature of the issue that the training is designed to address.


The Team

Shannon Connor KICK LEARNING

Shannon Connor CEO

Shannon founded and ran a successful on-site computer training company that thrived for ten years before she turned exclusively to instructional design and eLearning development. She founded Kick Learning in 2008.

A popular industry keynote speaker, Shannon is a seasoned instructional designer and eLearning developer. Highly-proficient with all of the authoring tools and ancillary software needed to create award-winning eLearning courses and possessing a solid understanding of adult learning models and processes, Shannon lends her expertise to all Kick projects.

Creative at heart, Shannon studied acting and improvisation for years, even starring in a few local commercials. She enjoys weaving that creativity into courses that teach concepts, change behaviors, and bring measurable results for her clients.

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Melissa Mackal KICK LEARNING

Melissa Mackal, Ph.D Senior Instructional Designer

Melissa brings to the table 10+ years of instructional design and considerably more time in the general field of education and psychology. She is dedicated to rigorous instructional design, elearning and helping clients realize their visions. These have combined to fuel her passion for the learner and creating a seamless learning experience. Fields for which she has designed and developed training are industry, corporate, retail, financial, military and social services. When she is not engaged on a project, she is co-creating courses and presentations with Behavior Analytic colleagues.

She holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology, an MA in Clinical Psychology and is an approved CE provider for Behavior Analysis certification. Melissa lives in Louisville, Kentucky and enjoys lazy days, bonfires and day trips with her husband and two sons.

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Paula Powley Instructional Designer

Paula’s professional background in education and training includes eLearning curriculum development with a focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement of learning content.

She has almost a decade of experience creating training for various healthcare and IT certifications, as well as the tools and resources to guide learners successfully through the exam preparation process. Paula also brings over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in revenue cycle management, accounts receivable, billing, coding, and auditing. Throughout her career she’s embraced the role of liaison effectively communicating technical ideas to non-technical people.

As a life-long learner, in her downtime, Paula enjoys continuing her own education, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and dog in Michigan.

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Jesse Carpenter KICK LEARNING

Jesse Carpenter Instructional Designer

Jesse is an educator and instructional designer whom has worked with every ecosystem of learning there is with his 15 years of experience. From a humble beginning as a wilderness therapist/outdoor educator leading military, corporate, and collegiate groups in immersive learning to more far-flung experiences such as the residential education in the redwoods, alpine art lessons, and experience teaching in six countries.

Jesse has a B.S of Education from Edinboro University, a M.S of Education in Instructional Design from Insoltus College, NVCI, TEFL, and TESOL certifications as well as teaching licenses in four different subject matters.

In his spare time, Jesse can be found embracing his love for the outdoors with his constant furry companion, Yuri, the Bernese Mountain dog. Barring that, he’s flexing his imagination and creative muscles crafting art, playing music, reading the next science fiction/fantasy book on his list.

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Madeleine Rotrand KICK LEARNING

Madeleine Rotrand Instructional Designer / Developer

Maddie has a decade of experience in the field of education, in which she designed innovative learning solutions for multiple school boards. Maddie also has a background in party politics, in which she developed training materials used to facilitate the electoral process .

Maddie lives in Montreal, Quebec. She holds two Bachelor Degrees and a Masters of Education Technology from Concordia University. She is a lover of games and enjoys incorporating this passion into her designs.

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Ian White eLearning Developer

Ian has been working in eLearning for over 20 years in university and commercial environments, in a wide range of disciplines from copywriting to instructional design, media production, coding, content development, and project management.

Ian keeps himself busy playing soccer, improving his photography, and writing and recording music. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and two children.

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Stephen Evans eLearning Developer

Stephen has been producing multimedia and eLearning for around 25 years in academic and commercial environments. Clients include Sony, Namco, Universal, Warner Brothers, Marvel, DC Comics, Audi and Chillingo.

Stephen lives in Fife, Scotland. As well as guest lecturing at The Glasgow School of Art and The School of Sound Engineering, he fills his spare time looking after his family, biking, keeping the jukebox stocked with old 45’s, music making and trying to tame the garden!

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Aaron Doxey Graphic Designer / Developer

Aaron is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and eLearning developer, focused on creating rich environments of learning in both print and digital media. For the past 9 years he had been developing engaging training with an uncompromising focus on effective design.

In his free time he likes to play the drums, ride motorcycles, and enjoy Denver’s tasty microbrews.

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Engy Abou Elkhair KICK LEARNING

Engy Abou Elkhair Graphic Designer

Engy is a creative designer with an artistic flair. Highly skilled in converting complex content into visually appealing material, her talents enable her to convey meaning in a way that entices, engages, and moves learners to take action.

Engy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the American University in Cairo, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Business Administration. She loves to travel, explore new destinations, and experience new cultures…especially their food!

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Heather Weyers KICK LEARNING

Heather Weyers Multimedia Designer

Heather brings 25 years of experience in multimedia development for museums, educators, non-profits, and government clients. Capitalizing on her studies of the sciences and Science Illustration, Heather delights in the challenge of translating concepts and complex systems into fun and engaging learning experiences. She has kept both brain hemispheres engaged while in project management and creative direction roles, collaborating easily with artists, actors, SMEs, and tech bros alike.

Heather’s work spans children’s books and software, music and video production, interactive kiosks and exhibit illustrations, and corporate e-learning games and explainer videos. Heather’s break from indoor-based creativity comes in the form of honing her “urban homesteading” skills in the backyard greenhouse, mini orchard, and veg garden in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by a bonfire and enjoying the few satellites and stars that outshine nearby D.C.’s skyglow.

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Steven Miller Copy Editor

Steve has a BA in English from The University of Michigan and many years of experience as a writer and editor. He brings his meticulous attention to detail and high standards of excellence to all the work he does for Kick Learning.

Steve is a full-time RVer who travels the western part of the United States, calling some of the most stunningly beautiful places home and continually chasing 70-degree temperatures.

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Libby Ward Quality Assurance Analyst

Libby is a “people person” with a background in newspaper advertising, editorial writing, direct sales management, and a successful real estate career. As one of our Quality Assurance analysts, she enjoys utilizing her eye for detail and love of the written word.

Libby and her husband feel blessed to be living and working in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

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Melanie Grafton KICK LEARNING

Melanie Grafton Quality Assurance Analyst

Melanie likes to call herself a “helper”. She loves learning new skills and implementing them in ways that help other people. Using her fondness for words, she can help bring information to others by connecting technical data to easily-accessible material.

Before joining Kick, Melanie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English from Eastern Nazarene College.

Melanie enjoys curling up with her dog, a mug of coffee, and a good book on a rainy day.

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Rachel Smero KICK LEARNING image

Rachel Smero Quality Assurance Analyst

Rachel worked for the Discovery Channel for 12 years using cutting edge technology for editing, post production, file management, and delivery. Her specialty is her extensive knowledge of standards and technical specifications acceptable for broadcast and distribution.

Since moving to the country in Maryland with her husband, two small children, and her boxer dog in 2017, Rachel developed the strong belief that people are not meant to work indoors in an office all day every day. Instead, she has portable technology and several small work stations set up all over her property including three different outdoor locations, one in the loft of her barn and two in her house.

When she’s not working, Rachel loves painting, growing her family’s food, and exploring the outdoors with her family in the forest and farms surrounding her home.

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Ann Yakimovicz KICK LEARNING

Sharon Folk Quality Assurance Analyst

Sharon has more than 15 years of experience as a programmer/analyst and technical writer for a major insurance company. Sharon decided to train in a field where she could work at night and be home with her young kids during the day, resulting in 9 years of healthcare experience in the nursing field. Today, she’s found that instructional design is the perfect mix of technology and creativity she’s been craving.

Sharon has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems, an Associate Degree in Nursing, and an active professional nursing license in New Jersey. Sharon loves learning and teaching new things, and considers herself a Udemy junkie.

Sharon, her husband and two kids enjoy life at the Jersey Shore. In her free time, Sharon likes to buy and make art, glass beads and jewelry. She’s a fan of science fiction movies, graphic novel art, and is a regular at Comic Con.

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