Here’s what we’ve been working on lately. Our models and processes apply to all industries. While we have built many trainings for the transportation, manufacturing, safety, and mental health areas, we can work our magic anywhere!

Emission Standards and What They Mean

Designed for a broad audience within Volvo Trucks, including Sales Consultants, Service Advisors, Technicians, Parts Personnel, and Dealer Principle/General Manager roles, this interactive 30-minute eLearning module demystifies the complex and evolving world of EPA and CARB emission regulations for commercial trucks.

Introduction to Aerodynamics

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking significant steps to address greenhouse gas emissions from the heavy-duty truck market, resulting in a notable impact on the industry.

Mack Trucks Selling the Mack MD Series

2021 Gold award winner: Best Advance in Custom Content. The “Selling the Mack MD Series” eLearning course was created to serve as a 90-minute online foundational course that suggests the experience a new Mack Trucks sales professional would have if they sat down for an hour and a half lunch with a seasoned Mack sales pro.

Volvo Trucks: CET Decommissioning and Commissioning Electric Vehicles

2022 Silver award winner: Best Certification Program. Volvo Trucks wants 50% of its truck sales to be electric vehicles by 2030—and 100% by 2040. With this shift to electromobility, Volvo needs to be certain dealerships’ technicians are prepared to service these vehicles safely. These vehicles are electric, after all, so safety is paramount.
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