What does it cost?

It takes almost 200 hours of effort to create one hour of Level 2 eLearning. How do we know that? Well, years of experience and existing research. Back in 2010. Bryan Chapman released his study, “How Long Does It Take to Create Learning?” and we have found that the level of effort is still very much the same all these years later. While tools have become faster, expectations have also risen, keeping these estimates pretty solid. Why do we mention Level 2? Because that’s the most requested type of learning and includes a blend of narration, graphics, and multimedia. The levels and types of learnings are described more in the Chapman study here.

Note that pricing has increased about 15-20% since the study was released.

We’ve created a simple pricing tool here for your use in estimating possible costs. Certainly reach out to us for pricing specific to your project.

Another resource we’ve put together that you may find helpful if your project includes branching scenarios is this short explanation of what makes a good, better, or best scenario experience.

Enjoy the tool and contact us if we can help!

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