Volvo Trucks: CET Decommissioning and Commissioning Electric Vehicles

2022 Silver award winner: Best Certification Program. Volvo Trucks wants 50% of its truck sales to be electric vehicles by 2030—and 100% by 2040. With this shift to electromobility, Volvo needs to be certain dealerships’ technicians are prepared to service these vehicles safely. These vehicles are electric, after all, so safety is paramount.



Kick was excited to work with NFPA to create a three-day instructor-led course to serve as an introduction to the requirements of NFPA 72®Standard for the Requirements for Fire Detection, Alarm, and Signaling®.

NFPA: Hot Work Safe Practices

NFPA Hot Work Safe Practices - Gold 2018

In 2014, two firefighters lost their lives in a blaze caused by unpermitted welding on a windy day in Boston, Massachusetts.

NFPA: NEC Navigator

NFPA NEC Navigator - Gold 2017

Imagine you’re an organization that produces a large, text-based reference manual that can be a bit daunting to new users.
You need to somehow teach people new to the field how to navigate that book correctly to get the answers they need quickly on the job. How would you do it?


NFPA 13 [instructor-led]

NFPA and Kick designed a three-day blended learning experience to teach participants to locate, interpret, and apply sprinkler system requirements as outlined in the NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems code.