Selling the Mack 6×2 Liftable Pusher

Using a combination of scenario-based learning with interactive elements that simulate the switches on a dashboard, this twenty-minute course teaches Mack Trucks salespeople not only how to best sell this truck, but also how to use it.

The REMACK<sup>®</sup> Advantage

Do you know the difference between a rebuilt and a remanufactured part?
This 10-minute microlearning uses interactivity and short animations to quickly and clearly explain the difference between these commonly-confused terms.

Mack Trucks: MAPP

Founded in 1900, Mack Trucks needs little introduction to even the most ardent truck-phobe. We love working with Mack Trucks on their classroom and online learning initiatives.

Mack Trucks Selling the Mack MD Series


2021 Gold award winner: Best Advance in Custom Content. The “Selling the Mack MD Series” eLearning course was created to serve as a 90-minute online foundational course that suggests the experience a new Mack Trucks sales professional would have if they sat down for an hour and a half lunch with a seasoned Mack sales pro.

Mack Trucks: Medallia Overview

FI Mack Trucks Medallia Overview

Mack Trucks rolled out the Medallia Platform as part of their Customer Experience Management initiative, engaging Kick to perform a thorough needs analysis through interviews with Service Advisors and Service Managers in dealerships across the country to determine what types of training would be most effective.