Volvo Parts Profitability

Truck dealerships have unique stocking requirements: When a vehicle needs a part, it’s needed immediately and, given the number of truck models, configurations, and years, a wide variety of parts must be kept on hand to satisfy that need. On the other hand, space and other limitations make it impossible to keep on hand every part a customer is ever likely to ask for.

The Volvo Reman Advantage

Do you know the difference between a rebuilt and a remanufactured part? This 10-minute microlearning uses interactivity and short animations to quickly and clearly explain the difference between these commonly-confused terms.

Volvo Trucks: Customer Management

The Volvo Customer Relationship Management course that we built for Volvo in 2015 focuses not on the nuts and bolts of CRM tools, as many CRM trainings do. Instead, the course is focused on the human component of customer relationship management.

Volvo Trucks: CET Decommissioning and Commissioning Electric Vehicles


Award contender in 2022. Volvo Trucks wants 50% of its truck sales to be electric vehicles by 2030—and 100% by 2040. With this shift to electromobility, Volvo needs to be certain dealerships’ technicians are prepared to service these vehicles safely. These vehicles are electric, after all, so safety is paramount.

Volvo: Weight Distribution


Selling a truck is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and disciplines.
It’s crucial that every Volvo sales professional has sufficient in-depth technical knowledge to be able to correctly specify the most appropriate vehicle for the particular customer application.

Volvo: Selling the “6X2”


Using a combination of scenario-based learning with interactive elements that simulate the switches on a dashboard, this 20- minute course teaches Volvo salespeople not only how to best sell this truck, but also how to use it.