Diversity and Inclusion at AAK

A 2024 award contender, this 30-minute interactive course explores unconscious bias and its subtle yet profound impact on workplace culture and decision-making. Through self-reflection, vivid scenarios, and an emphasis on everyday actions, learners gain insight into building more inclusive environments where all voices are heard and valued.

An opening activity reveals already-existing personal biases that we all have. Additional sections define diversity’s many dimensions, differentiate unconscious bias types, and identify resulting microaggressions. Learners connect concepts to real-world consequences for marginalized groups. The critical intersection of modeling inclusive behaviors, calling out non-inclusive acts, and aligning conduct with intent becomes clear.

This learning experience equips learners to foster a culture where every individual thrives through understanding the origins and manifestations of bias. Interactive elements drive home the fundamentals while inspiring small yet mighty actions that accumulate to profoundly reshape workplace inclusion. Employees emerge with raised awareness, empathy, and skills to recognize exclusionary behaviors as well as the responsibility to interrupt them. Every participant gains practical techniques to contribute to positive change within their immediate environment and across the wider organization.

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