Emission Standards and What They Mean


Designed for a broad audience within Volvo Trucks, including Sales Consultants, Service Advisors, Technicians, Parts Personnel, and Dealer Principle/General Manager roles, this interactive 30-minute eLearning module demystifies the complex and evolving world of EPA and CARB emission regulations for commercial trucks. Through a rich multimedia journey, learners trace the story of smog and air quality standards from 1940s Los Angeles to today, with era-appropriate music setting the tone throughout. Dynamic graphics showcase emission types and the balancing act between fuel efficiency and clean air.

Activities reinforce identification of truck model year implications, expanding state opt-in programs, and nuances separating certification levels. Knowledge checks validate understanding. Side-by-side warranty comparisons spotlight CARB’s more expansive required coverage. An up-to-date state policy matrix resource empowers informed spec’ing.

Upon completing this timely primer, salespersons in particular can speak knowledgably with their customers about approaching low NOx and CO2 milestones. Whether advising regional carriers or over-the-road fleets, they can drive dialogues and decisions sensitive to budget and operational priorities through command of the standards and incentives shaping the industry.

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