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HCM Excellence Award Gold
Gold award winner!

2023 Gold award winner! Kick Learning partnered with Mindwise Innovations to create a 30-minute online training module and 45-minute in-person training that teaches college students how to recognize and effectively intervene with friends or self at risk for suicide.  This intervention includes using the ACT model: Acknowledge, Care, and Tell.

Working directly with local colleges in the aftermath of student deaths by suicide, the need was clear for suicide prevention education that could reach students through different modalities. Some students could be reached through mandating online training (incoming freshmen, RA’s in training) while others could be reached through club meetings, dorm meetings, or Greek Life events. This led to the creation of 2 modalities – online direct to student and in-person groups using online materials and in-person activities and worksheets.

Colleges are reported that students have the most influence in promoting suicide prevention to each other. With this in mind, course design ensured that students who may not have any training experience could still use this course to train their peers in suicide prevention.

The instructional architecture of this course was truly learner-driven.

Since it was expected that mostly college students and some young staff would be viewing this course, Kick Learning conducted a learner characteristics analysis to incorporate elements specifically tailored for a Generation Z audience. These elements include character diversity, a compassionate, open-minded, and responsible tone of voice in writing and feedback, short video presentation for short attention spans, and encouragement of using small groups when viewing the eLearning at in-person events.

In addition, the narrator, course actors, and real students who once struggled with suicide or suicidal ideation, were college-aged.

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