Kick was excited to work with NFPA to create a three-day instructor-led course to serve as an introduction to the requirements of NFPA 72®Standard for the Requirements for Fire Detection, Alarm, and Signaling®.

All materials align with NFPA’s new branding strategy and a blended approach was used. We pulled the “what” (definitions, layout of the code, etc.) out of the classroom and put it in a prework self-study guide for students to view before attending class. We focused on the “how” in the classroom experience, making the class full of activities and designing a hands-on case study in which learners used symbols and laminated schematics to design a fire alarm system in a 5-story building.

We also created engaging participant guides that are more than just thumbnails of slides with lines for notes. Key takeaways and activities are strewn throughout the workbooks and students can use these as a reference tool long after the classroom session.

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