Volvo Parts Profitability


Truck dealerships have unique stocking requirements: When a vehicle needs a part, it’s needed immediately and, given the number of truck models, configurations, and years, a wide variety of parts must be kept on hand to satisfy that need. On the other hand, space and other limitations make it impossible to keep on hand every part a customer is ever likely to ask for.

Volvo Trucks Academy supports the dealer network throughout North America. A key target area for improvement across the dealer network is the efficiency and profitability of the dealership parts department. The Parts Profitability online program addresses the need for parts managers and other personnel to understand how the sales, storage, and return of parts can have a drastic effect on the dealership’s bottom line.

Extensive time was taken for the design of this module on the front end. Kick Learning worked with an assigned subject matter expert (SME) from Volvo Trucks to create scripting as shown below for each module.Because of target audience preferences, it was decided that audio and other types of rich media were not needed. Rather, the content was provided as a text-based experience with only a simple photo for the background so as not to distract the learner.

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