Volvo Trucks: CET Decommissioning and Commissioning Electric Vehicles

Silver award winner!

2022 Silver award winner: Best Certification Program. Volvo Trucks wants 50% of its truck sales to be electric vehicles by 2030—and 100% by 2040. With this shift to electromobility, Volvo needs to be certain dealerships’ technicians are prepared to service these vehicles safely. These vehicles are electric, after all, so safety is paramount.

Volvo and Kick Learning have partnered to create the first of many blended learning strategies to prepare technicians, the first of which is this newly-designed certification program piloted in November, 2021. To earn the coveted Certified Electric Technician designation, learners follow a path of safety and overview information in the form of a reference library built in Articulate Rise, a robust eLearning incorporated videos of a master technician walking through the procedures to decommission (turn off) an electric vehicle so a repair can be made and then commission (turn it back on) the vehicle after the service. Interactive drag and drop exercises throughout reinforce the proper sequencing of the steps involved. Then, after completing this eLearning course, learners must then take and pass the Preparedness Pitstop Assessment – an online gamified module comprised of timed challenges to reinforce the learning and prepare them for the hands-on instructor-led training, a one-day event where learners spend all day decommissioning and commissioning a real truck. At the end of the event, learners take a rigorous final exam and earn their CET designation and a CET patch to proudly display on their work uniforms.

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