Volvo: Weight Distribution

Gold award winner!

Selling a truck is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and disciplines.

It’s crucial that every Volvo sales professional has sufficient in-depth technical knowledge to be able to correctly specify the most appropriate vehicle for the particular customer application.

One of the more important concepts they need to master is how payload is distributed across a truck’s points of support (axles).

Sure, if you have one weight in the middle of the truck, that might be easy to calculate. But what if there is more than one weight? What if the weights are unevenly distributed? What if the weight falls outside of the points of support (cantilevered), like a snowplow?

We are very proud to have designed this three-module eLearning series that makes it very easy to learn the formulæ to calculate weight distribution properly. We didn’t just build the modules, we helped to simplify the formulæ so they were easy to absorb.

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